Bag and Tie Science

– Allows air to pass through.
– Circulates the release of ethylene gas
– Converts starch to sugar making fruit sweet and less mealy
– Breakdowns acids and pectin making fruit softer and less sour
– Allows moisture to escape reducing the chance for mold

Our bags are engineered to be the perfect container for ripening fresh produce.

Designed to Make Your Produce Move

With over 25 years of produce merchandising, we know what works. Our designs are eye-catching and help create a value added bag your shoppers will use again and again.

Market Tested Up and Down the Produce Isle

In a six week trial displaying PCI merchandising bags in 79 stores throughout Texas, average incremental sales increase of over $13,000 per week on an investment of less than $1,600, an 800% return.

High Customer Impact, Low Environmental Impact

PCI paper bags are reusable, recyclable and fully certified for industrial composting.

Our inks and glues are biodegradable, water soluble and locally sourced

All water used in production is processed using a BeckartĀ® Environmental filtration system, ensuring no harmful contaminants leave our facility.

PCI also compacts and recycles pre and post production waste through our award-winning in-house recycling center