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Co-branded onion, potato tote boosts sales in retail trial – Produce Retailer

Category sales got a 7% boost in a trial of the “Create Mealtime Magic” tote, a collaborative project from the National Onion Association, U.S. Potato Board and Package Containers Inc.

The group worked with a Texas-based retailer for a six week trial of the bags from mid-November through December. During the trial period, incremental bulk onion sales increased 7.5% at stores with the totes, adding $82 per store per week to bulk onion sales compared to stores without, says Kim Reddin, director of public relations for the Greeley, Colo.-based organization.

The overall onion category also got a boost from the bags, with stores adding $90 to total category sales per store per week versus the control locations’ sales during the same period a year prior.

“We were anticipating movement, and hoping for greater than 5%,” Reddin says. “It was 7%, which proved our theory that if we could provide some information and a convenient way for consumers to take onions and potatoes along with them, then we could move the category.”

The bags feature information about onions, including recipes and usage tips, on one side and information about potatoes on the other. Reddin says thanks to the success of the pilot test, the totes will be available at a volume discount for the next 12 months.

“It’s basically 7 cents a bag, so when you figure at the movement versus the cost, it’s a reasonable investment to get some extra movement out of the category,” she says.

Posted on: 04.02.13